ATB-2012-57-2-05-Doleys, Promoting Competition Policy Abroad: European Union Efforts in the Developing World

By Thomas Doleys

This article surveys EU efforts to promote competition rules and
practices to countries of the developing world. Two modalities stand
out. First, the EU uses bilateral and regional agreements as vehicles
to promote the observance of rule frameworks that mirror closely
core EU treaty competition provisions. The objective is to encourage
closer alignment of foreign rules and practices with those of the EU.
Second, EU authorities promote competition policy through
enforcement cooperation agreements. Though not addressing directly
the composition of rules, the agreements seek to more closely align
enforcement expectations to reduce the risk of, and costs associated
with, interjurisdictional conflict. In addition to highlighting policy
promotion efforts, the article notes the varying degrees to which the
EU has been able to shape foreign rules and practices. The article
concludes by examining two factors that account for this variation—
the scope of political-legal integration and the degree of market

European Union, competition policy alignment, international competition policy agreements

Thomas Doleys is at the Department of Political Science and International Affairs, Kennesaw
State University